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          Office Hours

     Monday:        9-12 & 130-6 

​​     Tuesday:              8-12

     Wednesday:  9-12 & 130-6

     Thursday:      9-12 & 130-6

     Friday:                 8-12


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Real people. Unreal experiences.

Dr. Kevin McDade Compass Chiropractic

Dr. Kevin McDade

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Compass Chiropractic. We provide the local
community with a viable alternative to the traditional medical model by relying on the natural intelligence of the human body to bring about healing. Our focus is on restoring motion and joint health by keeping the spine and pelvis in proper alignment. While we make recommendations, each patient decides for themselves how much or how little they'd like to come in for a visit.


Chiropractic is a lifestyle choice, just like healthy food choices or visiting a dentist. Therefore, your care is reasonably priced, conveniently located, and set in a warm, comfortable atmosphere where you can relax.

We strive to run an efficient office, minimizing wait time for our patients. It is our sincerest desire to deliver an exceptional chiropractic experience to every person and their family. After
all, healthy families make healthy communities. Dr. McDade...

Our office serves Midlothian, Chesterfield, Powhatan, Bon Air, and others in the greater Richmond area. We hope you will give us a chance to be your Midlothian chiropractor. Many people think chiropractors only help with back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. While chiropractic adjustments help those problems, there are dozens of other conditions and complaints that many people suffer from which respond well to chiropractic. We’ve compiled a short list of symptoms that we commonly treat, but these are only a few:



Wrist problems

Shoulder pain*

Hip pain

Difficulty sleeping

Disc bulge/herniation

Radiating arm pain

Joint stiffness

Degenerative arthritis

**We are especially helpful with headaches and shoulder complaints. These are two of the most common complaints in society and our treatments have been highly effective for these problems, even if they have been going on for years or are related to family history. Most cases show improvement by the second visit, if not sooner. In most cases, years of headaches can disappear in a month's time.

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