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Welcome to Wellness

Wellness (maintenance) care, means having your spine regularly checked for subluxation by a chiropractor. It is about staying well after you have already gotten there, a key component missing in today’s health care. This type of care is ideal for those who have met their health goals and can enjoy the benefits of coasting.

Chiropractic maintenance typically begins after an initial care plan and consists of infrequent visits focused on keeping your spine free of subluxation, allowing you to enjoy life’s activities to the fullest. Visits are brief but thorough. We know you have a busy life to live outside our office. Wellness care offers exclusive cost savings not available in other plans. Approximately half of our practice is coming in just for maintenance care. 

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Why get checked if I'm not hurting?

The spine, like any machine, needs some upkeep to ensure it runs smoothly. The reason to get your spine checked even if you don’t have pain is the same reason you brush your teeth even if you don’t have a cavity: you recognize that maintenance extends life and prevents the onset of problems.

Adjustments are needed when vertebrae move out of position, regardless of pain. The focus is on enhancing function. A well-aligned spinal column lets the body work better by removing pressure and irritation in the nervous system.

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Who is Wellness For?

Benefits of Wellness

Anyone finishing an active care plan

Infrequent visits

Those wanting to maintain their progress

Low monthly rate

Infants and pregnant mothers

Family plans available

Families with children

Prevent spine/disc degeneration

Maintenance Examples

Oil changes for your vehicle

Regular visits to a dentist

Changing home AC filters

Spinal checks from a chiropractor


Where are you now?

Where most people spend their lives, back and forth between sick and neutral

Not Sick/No Symptoms

Compass Chiropractic


Those having regular chiropractic care, leading to a healthy nerve system. Currently this is only about 6-11% of the population

This is neutral. It is often
confused as being "healthy"

Where do you want to be?

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