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        Kevin McDade was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He enrolled in college with a Naval ROTC scholarship and plans for a military future. During his first year he began experiencing constant, unexplained back pain. As it progressed, he realized a Naval career was out of the question.

        Chiropractic was an instant fit because of the positive experiences he had. Just prior to graduation, Kevin voluntarily denied his commission as a Naval Officer. He graduated from Drexel and immediately began chiropractic school.

        Before bringing Compass Chiropractic to Midlothian Dr. McDade practiced for three years in North Carolina. He former triathlete and a current calisthenics enthusiast. Outside of practice, Dr. McDade enjoys home projects and spending time with his wife and two children. He has taught anatomy and physiology courses at John Tyler Community College.

  • B.S. (Bachelor Of Science) - Drexel University   

       Kevin McDade earned his B.S. in Biology, graduating magna cum laude.  

  • D.C. (Doctor Of Chiropractic) - Sherman College of Chiropractic

       Dr. McDade graduated summa cum laude as valedictorian of his class 
        and was the recipient of the coveted Milton W. Garfunkel Award.

Chiropractor Sherman College Alumni
Drexel University Chiropractor

Kevin McDade, DC


Se habla español!

Maria Campos Pic_edited.jpg

Maria, Chiropractic Assistant

Maria was born in Central America but was raised in California since the age of four. She has a diversified background, having skills in a broad range of areas. She is a Certified bilingual Civil wedding officiant, Public Notary, Immigration Paralegal, and now Chiropractic Assistant. Maria is simultaneously pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.


She loves to learn new skills and help others. This has created and passion for customer service. Her code is “always treat others like you would like to get treated.” You’ll always find a warm, friendly smile at her desk.


In her free time, Maria focuses on quality time with her family, including husband, three children, and little dog Daisy. She enjoys fishing, new adventures, traveling, camping, horseback riding, and watching soccer games. 

Evan Profile_edited.jpg

Evan grew up in Chesterfield, Virginia. After leaving Manchester High School he attended Randolph College where he served as Captain of the NCAA Men's Soccer Team. He graduated with a degree in Political Science in 2022.

In his free time, Evan enjoys playing soccer with friends, supporting the Chelsea Football Club, and spending time with his girlfriend. Evan joined Compass in September 2022 and works at the front desk every day but Monday.

  • B.S. (Bachelor of Arts) - Randolph College   

       Evan earned his B.A. in Political Science in 2022  

Evan, Chiropractic Assistant

Melanie Prof Picture.jpeg

Melanie was born and raised in Powhatan, Virginia. She brings nearly 35 years of medical experience to the team. Melanie is a Certified Medical Assistant. She is CPR certified and has been a nurse in the surrounding area. 


Melanie resides in Powhatan with her husband Mark. They have two children, Alexander and Victoria. In her free time she enjoys spending time at the lake and with her family.


  • Certified Medical Assistant  

       Melanie is a certified by the National Association for Health Professionals 


Melanie, Chiropractic Assistant


Chiropractor Midlothian Open Saturdays

Compass Chiropractic is not your typical chiropractic office. Our goal is to provide a predictably positive chiropractic experience for all of our patients. What exactly does that mean?


You should expect a relaxing environment, little to no wait time, high quality adjustments that help your specific problem, down to earth recommendations from the doctor, and no surprise treatments or fees. We want you to have this every visit.

You will find us to be unique in the philosophy we believe, convenience that we offer, and how we deliver our services.

We adjust patients on the first visit and we perform a manual adjustment, unless otherwise requested. This means done by hand instead of a handheld adjusting instrument. In recent years, many doctors have moved to using an Activator adjusting tool or all patients - not us. Chiropractic is an art done by hand to change the position of bones, and our goal is to do exactly that. The Activator is available for pediatric/geriatric cases or by request.

We believe chiropractic is a very useful tool when applied correctly. Many symptoms, especially shoulder pain and headaches can resolve in just a few sessions. Once you are well, a low level maintenance protocol is suggested. Chiropractic provides so many more benefits than pain relief if given a chance. We give easy recommendations that directly impact your daily life. Trouble going from sitting to standing? We can help with that. Pain/tightness from working at home or sitting all week long? We can change that. Difficulty sleeping on just 1 side? We have some ideas for you. 

You will find us to be unique in the philosophy we believe, convenience that we offer, and how we deliver our services.

Your body is intelligently designed and
highly regulated by the nervous system

Misaligned spinal bones interfere with
nerve signals, causing a loss of motion/function

Chiropractic adjustments result in a healthy nerve supply, restoring brain-body communication

Chiropractic works best on a maintenance plan, before symptoms become present or worsen

Accessible location

Little to no wait time

Innovative technology

Staggered hours

On-site digital X-ray

Custom treatment plans

Decompression available

Special rates offered

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